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Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine is an Ohio-based musical band, the core of which is the husband-and-wife team of bassist/pianist/guitarist Linford Detweiler and vocalist/guitarist Karin Bergquist. Originally a quartet with guitarist Ric Hordinski and drummer Brian Kelley, Over the Rhine is now solely the duo of Detweiler and Bergquist with "hired guns" on albums and tours. Linford and Karin were not married at the foundation of the band. The band's namesake and place of origin is the Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood Over-the-Rhine. Karin attended school in Barnesville, Ohio and graduated from Barnesville High School in 1984. She then went to Malone College, located in Canton, Ohio, where she met Linford. They have both toured and recorded in many shapes and forms. Over the years, the band has opened for a number of musicians, including Bob Dylan, and toured as "adjunct" members of Cowboy Junkies.
Formed in the spring of 1989, Over the Rhine released independently their first album, Till We Have Faces, in 1991 (named for the C. S. Lewis book of the same title). Paste Magazine granted one of its first five-star reviews to Over the Rhine's 2003 double album Ohio, released on Virgin Records' Back Porch Records label. Over the Rhine's next album, Drunkard's Prayer, was released on March 29, 2005, and a limited edition live album titled Live From Nowhere, Volume 1 was released in April 2006. A second limited edition live album, Live From Nowhere, Volume 2 was released in March 2007, just over a month from Discount Fireworks. Their latest studio creation is the album The Trumpet Child.
Linford has also recorded and released three solo projects composed of home-recorded acoustic, piano-based music.
In January 2008, Paste Magazine's video podcast interviewed Over the Rhine and featured a live performance

Studio Albums

1991 - Till We Have Faces (Scampering Songs)
1992 - Patience (Scampering Songs)
1992 - Patience (I.R.S. Records re-issue; different track order)
1994 - Eve (I.R.S. Records)
1995 - Till We Have Faces (I.R.S. Records re-issue; different track listing)
1996 - Good Dog Bad Dog: The Home Recordings (Imaginary Records)
1996 - The Darkest Night of the Year (Imaginary Records; holiday album)
2000 - Good Dog Bad Dog: The Home Recordings (Virgin/Back Porch Records re-issue; different track listing)
2001 - Films For Radio (Virgin/Back Porch Records)
2003 - Ohio (Virgin/Back Porch Records; double album - also available on vinyl)
2005 - Drunkard's Prayer (Virgin/Back Porch Records)
2006 - Snow Angels (holiday album - also available on vinyl)
2007 - The Trumpet Child (independent - also available on vinyl)

Live Albums

2004 - Changes Come: Over the Rhine Live
2006 - Live From Nowhere, Volume 1 (limited edition run of 3,000)
2007 - Live From Nowhere, Volume 2 (limited edition run of 5,000)
2008 - Live From Nowhere, Volume 3 (limited edition run)


1997 - Besides (Imaginary Records; demos, alternate takes, mixes, and unreleased material from 1991-1997)
1999 - Amateur Shortwave Radio (Grey Ghost Records)
2002 - The Cutting Room Floor (demos, outtakes and other material from the Films For Radio era)
2007 - Discount Fireworks (Back Porch Records; career-spanning compilation plus one unreleased song)

Special Releases

1994 - Serpents and Gloves (VHS-only video/documentary release; IRS Records)
2006 - Snow Angels (Karin's Acoustic Sketches) (digital-only bonus)

Solo Albums by Linford Detweiler

1999 - Solo Piano: I Don't Think There's No Need to Bring Nothin' (Music for First Kind Sight) (What Reindeer and Grey Ghost Records)
2001 - Grey Ghost Stories (Grey Ghost Records)
2004 - Unspoken Requests (Grey Ghost Records)

Albums by Ric Hordinski, solo and as MONK

1997 - Quiver
1998 - Hush
2000 - Blink
2002 - "O" (EP)
2004 - How Like a Winter (holiday album)
2005 - When I Consider How My Light Is Spent (as Ric Hordinski)
2006 - 12/06 (EP, CDR)
2007 - The Silence of Everything Yearned For
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