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Ballast emerged from a Montreal punk band named "the Tabernaks" which disbanded after Spoke, Adam and Steve decided to move to Vancouver in 2000.
In Vancouver the three met a drummer named Dave Spicer whereafter "Brother Twelve" was formed. After playing some local shows they decided to change the band name to Ballast (Steve's suggestion) which then recorded a self-titled demo tape.

Later, Spicer was replaced by Dave Earls as drummer and a second guitarist named Jeff was added; they then recorded the demo "Scraps is life".
An American tour followed which ended when their van broke down in Florida.

Montreal 2001, Ballast reformed going on to tour North America and Europe extensively while releasing numerous recordings on several labels including Profane Existence.

After disbanding, members of Ballast went on to form other bands including Doldrum, Swtzrlnd and Preying Hands.

Ballast plays a mix of hardcore punk, crust punk, and peace punk with melodic female vocals and gruff male vocals.

Ballast's lyrics include criticisms of militarism, war, consumerism, the United States government, and former president George W. Bush.


* Demo Cassette (2000) - Self-released
* Scraps is Life Cassette (2001) - Self-released
* Demo Cassette (2003) - Self-released
* Numb Again 7" EP (2004) - Self-released
* Sound Asleep LP/CD/Cassette (2005) - Profane Existence/Trujaca Fala(Cassette)
* Ballast 7" EP (2005) - Stonehenge
* Fuse LP/CD (2008) - Inimical Records
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