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The band formed as Interior Soul in Brazil in April 1997 with the same line-up as today. Six months later the four recorded a self-titled, 5-track demo tape which received some interest in the Brazilian underground and earned the band positive reviews and interviews in the local press as well as their first live dates. Among those, gigs with Krisiun and Rebaelliun, which resulted in a lot of recognition for NEPHASTH. In late 1999 the band decided to change the moniker and record the new material. The name was now NEPHASTH while the session took place in Studio 1000, in Porto Alegre/RS, and resulted in the second demo entitled The Merciless Face of Evil featuring fresh and unbelievably brutal death metal with some notable Morbid Angel and Slayer influences! The band released the material as a self-financed, limited MCD, which was sent out to record companies and promoters abbroad. The international press coverage was great! The tracks from the The Merciless Face of Evil MCD were also featured on Relapse Records Brazilian Assault, released in early 2001. In June 2000 NEPHASTH started the negotiations with Massive Management and in July the recording the debut album, Immortal Unholy Triumph, began. The Studio 1000 was used again while the mixing took place in the ABStudios. Arno Brugalli handled the engineering duties and by late October the album was finished. It comprises 10 tracks. October also marked the deal with Massive Management, which will now support NEPHASTH for the next two albums. On the strength of the contract, the album was mastered a month later in Studio 333 by Bartek KuŸniak, who had previously worked with Vader, Decapited, Dies Irae and many other Polish acts. Jacek Winiewski, another Massive co-operator, designed the packaging. Following the search for the label, NEPHASTH signed a two-album contract with Mighty Music. "Immortal Unholy Triumph" was released in Europe in May 2001. The second album "Conceived by Inhuman Blood" shows an improved Nephasth - on all fieds; technically as well as brutally speaking. Released March 2004, this masterpiece is a must for all fans of death metal!
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