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The Knickerbockers

The band was formed in 1962 in Bergenfield, New Jersey by brothers Beau Charles (guitar/vocals) and John Charles (bass/vocals) (birth names: Robert and John Carlos Cecchino respectively) with fluctuating personnel until 1964, when they met Buddy Randell (vocals, sax) (birth name: William Crandall). Buddy was previously of the Rockin' Saints and the Royal Teens, who had a hit with "Short Shorts" in 1958. They took their name from Knickerbocker Road that ran through the town next to their hometown.[1]

The classic line-up consisted of Randell, the Charles brothers and drummer Jimmy Walker (previously the drummer with Massena, New York based Atco Records act The Castle Kings), They were spotted by producer/singer-songwriter Jerry Fuller playing a the University Twist Palace in Albany, NY, and he subsequently signed them to Los Angeles-based Challenge Records.
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