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- Stuart Nicholson / vocals
- Spencer Luckmann / drums & percussion
- Lee Abraham / bass, backing vocals
- Dean Baker / keyboards
- Roy Keyworth / guitars

Galahad biography
One of the major names amongst the British Neo Prog scene for years. Their music blends melodic moods and with heavier parts and the strong vocals are a trademark, over an orchestrated instrumental. The medieval themes are constant on their lyrics. They have evolved to something quite a healthly new view on progressive rock. Fans of IQ, PALLAS and MARILLION should enjoy their music a lot.

Three releases: "In A Moment of Complete Madness!", "Nothing is Written", and "Other Crimes and Misdemeanours" are quite good, practically defines the genre. "Following Ghosts" is one of my all time favourite cd's. The music is very melodic and dreamy. I'm sure you'll enjoy the newfound compositional depth. It's that depth of composition that gives "Year Zero" top marks in my book. Rest assured "Year Zero" is one album that should grace all serious prog collections. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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